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What is Clinical Integrated Hypnosis ?
Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, harmless and very effective form of therapy. Hypnosis is a method by which any person may be guided into an altered state of conscious awareness, a state of “focused concentration” where root cause of health, finance related and other issues of life of the individual are addressed for resolution. It is often classed as a form of complementary medicine but is perhaps better viewed as a branch of psychotherapy. Hypnosis is not an occult or esoteric art. It is a scientifically acknowledged psychological and therapeutic discipline. 

Hypnotism is officially recognized and approved by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

How can it help me ?

  • Physical Well-being
  • Psychological Well-being
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Personal Well-being

    Specific areas are: Improving Performance, Stress Management, Rejuvenating Sleep, Eliminating Procrastination, Goal setting and Management, Improving Focus and Concentration, Memory Recall at will, Overcoming fears like fear of failure, Improving Relationships, Overcoming Depression, Enhancing Confidence & Self Esteem, Improving Assertiveness, Discarding bad habits, Better health, Increasing Trust, Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Stammering, Ease pain.The list goes on..

How exactly does it work ?
All discomfort is felt at the level of the Conscious mind. We feel pain; fear etc. in the Conscious Mind. However, the Sub-Conscious Mind ( the mind active in our dream state ) is the basic substratum for all healing. Though, healing is felt at the level of the Conscious Mind, for it to feel healed, we need to work and re-wire at the level of Sub-Conscious Mind. In Clinical Integrated Hypnotherapy, the Sub-Conscious mind is tapped to feed positive suggestions and to eliminate root cause of issues.  Sessions are individual based.

Does it benefit?
Resounding Yes! For long, hypnotherapy has enjoyed an enviable and long-standing reputation for effectiveness among sportsmen. Today, it has applications in all fields for all people. It has been effectively used by doctors to heal patients of physical ailments and by psychologists to address psycho-emotional and psychosomatic challenges.

Is it safe?
Absolutely. There are no known records of anyone having been physically or mentally harmed as a direct result of hypnosis itself. It is impossible for anyone to get 'stuck' in hypnosis.

Would I be revealing anything, which I do not want to?
The methodology used is the Integrated Clinical Hypnosis – the Western Method. You are still in control of your own body and mind during hypnosis. It does not supplant the will of the hypnotized individual. The person is completely aware of what is being spoken, heard.  In clinical hypnotherapy, clients are never asked to do anything embarrassing or against their will.

What is the duration for redressal of an area?
While the same is dependent on the intensity of the to-be resolved area and the client’s degree of openness, most clients start seeing results from the 2nd session onwards.

What is the time and cost investment?
90 mins per session, per week. Sessions are individual based. 
Benefits: Deep, Far reaching, long lasting
Cost: Contact us for a quote

About the Therapist
Geeta Chaturvedi holds a masters degree in Industrial Psychology from Mumbai University. She has over 16+ years of Corporate experience in HR in senior capacity with large professionally managed organizations. She is also a Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Institute of India.

She has empowered many individuals from all aks of life - Executives from Corporates to students; all with the help of Clinical Hypnotheraphy. Her services may be availed with total confidentiality and confidence.

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