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Our Business Model

Today, all organizations irrespective of size, realize the value of meaningful HR presence. Companies as small as 17 employees have approached us for HR Solutions. After all, the oft repeated line, the success of a business depends on its human resources. †

At the same time, the challenges of hiring and retaining mature HR talent remains. This is where we step in. Based on your organizationís need, any of the following models can be worked out:†

Fixed duration, Defined mandate projects or assignments. Based on the identified need of the client, we conceptualize, design and recommend solutions with complete guidelines for implementation. This could mean setting up the HR department from ground zero or designing and handholding specific area/s say Performance Management System. The choice to continue with us for implementation support or use your existing team for the same lies with the client.†

Retainerships: These generally spread over a year at a time and have broad defined mandates which typically include ongoing support and advice for designed solutions, supporting, sustaining, strengthening and modifying solutions on ongoing basis, guidance on day to day HR related issues, facilitating moving up the value chain in HR etc. In short, having a seasoned HR Head in an outsourced model for quarter its price.†

Both the models work for specific days in a week, based on the terms of the engagement with a combination of onsite and offsite support.†

Outsourced Model: Some organizations prefer having their HR needs completely outsourced. No more attrition headaches of key HR person. A designate representative of our organization would be present onsite to be the HR face of your organization.

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